Resin, Tarmac & Block Paving Specialists Burgess Hill

In the last ten years, Atrium Building & Landscaping Ltd has added plenty of kerb appeal to residential and commercial properties in Burgess Hill and the surrounding areas as the top resin, tarmac, and block paving specialists – but our services don’t end there; we also specialise in the installation of natural stone, gravel, and concrete external surfaces.
Whether you are looking to renovate your driveway, create more social space by having a bespoke patio constructed on your property or looking to add a few landscaping grand designs to your garden, we are happy to meet all your landscaping needs, big or small.
We take pride in being one of the most reliable and trustworthy landscaping companies in Burgess Hill. We garnered our reputation by providing 100% transparent quotes following a free no-obligation valuation and consultation and always delivering on time and on budget. If you have received a quote from another landscaping company that you’re not happy with, why not see if we can beat it? We offer a range of solutions to suit all budgets, from cost-effective quick fixes to eye-catching intricate features that will be the envy of your neighbours.

Resin-Bound Driveways Burgess Hill

There are few surfacing options as easy on the eye and as complementary to the character of your property as resin-bound driveways. With the ability to choose from a wide range of colours and textures, you won’t be short of aesthetic options.

If you’re looking for the low maintenance of tarmac, the natural visual appeal of gravel and the robust durability of block paving, resin bound driveways can give you all that and more. Regardless of how heavy the pedestrian and vehicular traffic, you will see few signs of wear and tear on a resin-bound driveway, which will remain sleek, even, and puddle-free for years to come. As an added bonus, resin-bound driveways are easy to maintain in their lifetime, which could be up to 25 years, and they are safe to walk, cycle and drive on, even in the icy winter months.

In addition to the installation of resin-bound driveways, Atrium Building & Landscaping Ltd also specialise in installing resin-bound courtyards, garage forecourts, swimming pool surrounds and paths.

How we Preparate & Install Resin-Bound Driveways

After evaluating foundation strength and if any additional preparation is required, such as curing the foundation of oil and moisture, we will get to work on the application of the resin-bound surface. To prevent clouding and bubbling, we will always aim to install your new resin-bound driveway on a dry day; we understand that delays to the installation of your driveway can be frustrating; however, as we take pride in our speciality services, we will always ensure we work to the best practices to give you the best results.
The typical installation process includes laying edging, constructing/bolstering the foundation, adding a primer application, mixing and spreading the aggregate and resin mixture, smoothing the mixture into a seamlessly smooth surface to ensure all aggregate is covered by resign and leaving the smoothed mix to cure and dry. Depending on the weather, it could take your new resin-bound driveway a few hours to a day to dry, or it could take up to a day. Once the surface is dried and cured, we will carry out our final checks and add any necessary sealant.

The Advantages of Resin-Bound Driveways

  • Durability
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Extensive customization options
  • Water-permeability & weed resistance
  • Suitable for traditional and historic properties

Tarmac Driveways Burgess Hill

Tarmac driveways may be the cheapest outdoor surfacing option, but that doesn’t mean your new tarmac driveway or outdoor surface needs to look cheap. The customising options are fairly limited; however, they are far from non-existence; with a variety of edging options, finishes and tarmac colours to choose from, you can still put your own touch on a tarmac driveway.

How We Prepare and Install Tarmac Driveways

As tarmac is quick drying, there will be minimum disruption once the work gets underway. The first step when installing a new tarmac (asphalt) outdoor surface is to excavate the ground to the optimal depth and to check the strength of the structure. Then we will lay crushed concrete onto a geotextile woven membrane and apply the concrete mixture. To ensure all our driveways are robust, even, and durable we will apply a base and top layer of tarmac after installing draining infrastructure – if necessary.

The Advantages of Tarmac Driveways

  • Tarmac surfaces are cheap and easy to repair.
  • They are the most cost-effective option for residential customers on a budget.
  • Tarmac surfaces are robust and durable enough for commercial use and heavy traffic.
  • Tarmac surfaces are water-permeable to prevent flooding and property water damage.

Block Paving & Patios Burgess Hill

Block paving may seem like the most extravagant option for outdoor surfacing, but with Atrium Building & Landscaping Ltd, it may be cheaper than you think. Whether you have been itching to get started on the installation of a new block paved driveway, patio, or path, we are here to make your exterior renovation dreams into a reality.

Our landscaping architects love the challenge of creating a completely custom-made design from scratch; our building team is equally as happy to replicate a design you have had your eyes on for a while.

Along with the obvious aesthetic advantages of installing a block paved driveway or patio and the increased property value, block paved surfaces are also practical in all British weather and highly robust – you may have noticed that airport runway surfaces are often constructed by block pavers!

Other Driveway, Path, and Patio Surfacing Options

Our speciality building and landscaping services in Burgess Hill don’t stop with resin-bound, tarmac and block paved surfaces. Our experienced Atrium Landscaping team has also installed their fair share of natural stone, gravel, and concrete outdoor surfaces over the years.

For more information about our services or to fire questions about which solution would be best for your property, don’t hesitate to contact us online or by picking up the phone; we are happy to provide our expert and impartial advice before arranging an on-site consultation and valuation