Resin Bound and Bonded Driveways

Atrium Building and Landscaping Ltd offers high quality resin bound driveways. 

Resin-bound surfacing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners to invest in when maintaining the hard surface areas surrounding their properties. There are many benefits in choosing resin-bound surfaces for your pathways, driveways, patios and pool surroundings – and there are plenty of different designs to choose from.

If you have any questions about Resin-bound driveways or patios, feel free to get in touch with your queries and a member of our team will happily and impartially advise you.

Beyond aesthetic, Atrium Building & Construction know that durability is important. For long-lasting wear and minimal tear, we use the highest-quality stone aggregate which is bound by a durable specialised resin. Once laid and dried, the resin will create a seamless finish, which may be smooth, yet still boasts anti-skid properties.

Atrium Building and Landscaping Ltd allows you to create a stellar, permeable driveway that is SuDS compliant and friendly to the environment! Another great thing about this permeable paving is that the surface requires very little maintenance.

Resin Bound and Bonded Surface Benefits

  • Attractive modern aesthetic – boost the value of your home
  • In many cases, driveways can be laid in just one day and ready to use
  • Resilient, hard-wearing and strong surfaces which are easy to maintain
  • Unlike traditional gravel surfacing, there is no loose gravel to be displaced or washed away.
  • The surface is UV protected – it won’t fade away in the sun.
  • Skid-proof & weather-resistant due to textured aggregated surface
  • Practical for wheelchair users or individuals with limited mobility.
  • Resin driveways are puddle-proof and porous. The Sustainable Draining System (SUDS) effectively drains water
  • A wide range of colours and styles are available.
  • Weeds won’t be able to permeate the resin
  • Won’t be damaged by chemicals
  • No planning permission required
  • Practical for professional and commercial use
  • Smaller tree pit packs available
  • Prevents flooding in your area

Why choose a Resin Bound and Bonded driveway?

Resin-bound driveways and surfaces are made from natural aggregates. Naturally, the end result is a perfect way to create a neutral modern home exterior. With bespoke aggregate mixes such as Deluxe Crushed Marble available, we can guarantee a high-quality finish and we have styles and services for most budgets including gravel bonding.

We’re aware of the disruption and stress which having building work completed can leave our clients with. Which is why we aim to minimise the disruption; although, you’ll find we aren’t around for long when we’re installing resin-bound driveways. With smaller drives, they can be finished in just a day. Tarmac and concrete are the perfect sub-bases for resin driveways. So, if you already have tarmac or concrete down, the installation will be even quicker and easier. Dependent on the sub-base, as a general rule, we can install up to 800 square meters of resin-bound aggregate per day.

As part of our customer satisfaction promise, we will always be 100% upfront about costs. If you’re interested in a quote, you can fill out a contact form and one of our team will provide a fast response to your enquiry. Alternatively, we are contactable on 01342 555052 or 07791 862149.

Why should you choose Atrium Building and Landscaping Ltd?

Atrium Building & Landscaping LTD has many years experience in driveway installation. Our founding goal was to provide a service which would not only offer high-quality results but also an exceptional level of customer care.

How many other building firms can offer a 100% positive feedback rating?

We keep our prices competitive and our services varied, to ensure our customers receive 5-star service. We also provide a fully-rounded service which will take care of every aspect of your exterior building needs.

All of our tradesmen are fully insured and licenced. While they are onsite, Onsight Management will be conducted alongside Quality Control and Safety Monitoring.

We currently serve customers in Sussex, Surrey and Kent including Tunbridge Wells, Crawley, Edenbridge, East Grinstead, Burgess Hill, Lingfield, Dormansland, and Haywards Heath.

We look forward to receiving your call, so do get in contact with us today.

We offer a 5 year product guarantee for peace of mind. 

We are committed to providing you with the best solution using the best products for the best value.

We are so confident in the quality of our products and workmanship that we give you a 5 Year product guarantee on our resin bound paving. When installed in accordance with our quality standards, Atrium Landscapes Ltd will provide you with a durable surface that will deliver exceptional performance year after year.

Since Atrium Building & Landscaping was founded, we’ve worked tirelessly to make sure that we are providing the best product at the best value. We also constantly keep ourselves updated on the best tools, aggregates and techniques to use to provide the best finish and service possible.

All driveways and surfaces are installed under our strict quality assurance to give you peace of mind that we’ll leave you with a durable product which can easily withstand whatever the British weather has to throw at it.

Our Resin Bound 5 Year Guarantee

Atrium Building & Landscaping Ltd guarantees that any defects in workmanship during the construction of the resin bound surface will be made good free of charge.  This guarantee is for a period of up to five years, starting from the completion date and subject to the under noted conditions. Products used are covered under the terms of the manufacture

This guarantee will only take effect once the contract has been completed to the satisfaction of all parties and full payment of the contract price has been made

Atrium Building & Landscaping Ltd shall do their utmost to make good any remedial work to the resin bound surface, but no assurance can be given that an exact recreation may be achieved as it is a natural product and colour may vary

This resin bound guarantee covers reasonable domestic use.  Regrettably it does not cover damage caused by accident, neglect/lack of maintenance, damage caused by impact or staining caused by any substance.

This Guarantee cannot cover a resin bound surface if it has been over laid on a surface which was not installed by Atrium Building & Landscaping Ltd themselves.

Hairline cracks may occur, in very infrequent cases. This will not affect any overall performance of the surface and cannot be regarded as a defect This guarantee does not cover damage caused by settlement at a level lower than that exposed at the time of construction, as this is outside of control of the company. This guarantee does not cover damage caused by tee roots, hedges etc

The aggregates used are a natural product and slight changes in colour may occur and cannot be avoided.  In some cases, the colour of the resin bound surface may fade.   This fading may occur through general wear and sunlight, but using a UV resin should eliminate this problem

After the resin bound surface is installed there is a curing time of around 4-6 hours before you can walk on the surface and 24-48 hours before driving on the surface. The times stated is depending on the weather and time of year.  Atrium Building & Landscaping Ltd cannot be held responsible for any animals or people causing defect to the resin inside its curing time, once we have vacated site.

Although we take the utmost care to avoid cables and pipe work, we cannot cover these items if they have not been installed less than the recommended depth of 600mm below ground level.

We endeavour to provide a seamless finish to the surface however, this is not always possible.  In such circumstances, a joining or expansion strip may be required.

The person insured is the person named in the schedule and is non-transferable.


How to Maintain Your Resin-Bound Driveway

Your resin-bound driveway may let water permeate – but it doesn’t allow weeds to break through which means that there will be no weeding necessary after the installation.

The overall costs of maintaining a resin-bound driveway are extremely low. Once installed, occasional sweeping and power washing will leave your driveway or resign surface as good as new. To avoid damaging your resin driveway, we’d recommend using a light jet wash setting which will still clear away any contaminants.

Contact Us for a Quote

If you have any questions about Resin-bound driveways or patios, feel free to get in touch with your queries and a member of our team will happily and impartially advise you.

Alternatively, if you’re ready to ask for a quote, you can reach us on 01342 836440 or 07791 862149. For out of hours quote requests please fill out the form on our contact page and we’ll be able to arrange a convenient time for you to come and survey your property.

We may be able to give you a rough idea of costs via a telephone consultation. Yet, we’ll inspect the property before providing you with an accurate quote.